Healthcare Financing

We Offer Exceptional Healthcare Financing Solutions

If you own any type of healthcare practice, there may be times when you require financing to help you meet your daily financial obligations or achieve your expansion goals. Here at Atlas Finance Solutions, we offer versatile healthcare financing to healthcare professionals of all types. Whether you’re a chiropractor, general practitioner or veterinarian, we’re confident one of our loans will meet your needs precisely.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Most types of medical equipment require a huge investment of money if you purchase them outright. Fortunately, you can preserve some of your working capital by coming to us for a medical equipment lease. Our leasing programs give you a variety of payment options and can cover up to half of your soft costs.

Debt Consolidation

Juggling multiple sources of debt can be complicated. You can simplify things by utilizing our debt consolidation program to shrink your payments down to just one monthly payment. Most applicants receive approval within 24 hours.

Working Capital

These loans are helpful because you can use the money any way you please. We don’t report these loans to personal credit bureaus and we don’t require upfront payments.

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